Do I need a personal trainer?

FIT Staff
Apr 4, 2013

Most people know what a personal trainer is and may have considered using one or have used one. Knowing your needs will help you decide if you require the assistance of a personal trainer.

First, you must determine what your knowledge of exercise is and the comfort level you have with working out by yourself. You also must determine if you have any issues that will limit your success.

This could range from a major injury/disability to subtle dysfunctions and asymmetries.

Determining your motivation is also important. If you are not very self motivated, you may need a personal trainer for this or at least a partner.

Some good question to ask are:

Do I understand energy systems (i.e. long slow activity vs. intense intervals)?

Do I know how to manipulate sets, repetitions and resistance?

Can I develop a comprehensive program?

Am I self-motivated?

Do I have any unresolved physical impairments?

These are some good basic questions to ask yourself and if you answer no to two or three of them then you should consider a personal trainer. You can use the services of a personal trainer for a couple visits to get started or you may use them on a regular basis. The next article will go more in-depth about how to select a qualified personal trainer. 





For me, personal trainer is very important, since I am not a dedicated person. so I want someone strict trainer who has all the knowledge about the health, diet, proper fat ratio everything.
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Personal trainer also guide you very well and arrange your schedule properly for fitness point of view.