Meet FIT Challenge contestant Edie Walton

FIT Staff
Jan 17, 2014

I would like to be in the FIT Challenge because, like everyone else, I need the help. 

I have made the decision to make a lifestyle change myself, like they say you should, but to actually begin the lifestyle change, I found I cannot do alone. 

I don't like to be the center is attention, especially when it comes to eating and working out.  

I just recently started to participate in circuit training, which I am still not that comfortable with.  

My memberships at gyms have been short lived because I never found that comfort zone.  

Maybe the FIT spotlight is what I need.  

I'm just hoping, if I were given the opportunity to participate in the FIT Challenge, it would give me the best start to my lifestyle change.  

I made the decision; now I just need the help to get motivated, the help to make me accountable and the help to make me succeed