Walton: 'Food still seems to be my nemesis'

FIT Staff
Feb 6, 2014

This past week seemed to still be going OK for me. 

I worked out twice with my personal trainer Hannah Riley from the Norwalk Rec, twice with my husband, Christian and did a session of circuit training with Tim Dorsey Fitness. 

I've been taking Mondays off to watch my daughter Ava and my youngest son Talon at Upward basketball practice and I seem to only make it to the gym one day on the weekend.

This past weekend was a good test of my ability to pack healthy snacks while sitting through six basketball games in two days. 

Besides the two Upward games, my oldest son, Tyler, had games in Lorain, Norwalk and Huron. 

Normally, I would pack Gold Fish, gummies, granola bars, chips or animal crackers for everyone.  This past weekend I packed carrots, a pumpkin/sunflower seed nut mix, a banana and of course took a bottle of water instead of a Pepsi. 

When I started to get the munchies these snacks worked perfectly to satisfy me.
Food still seems to be my nemesis. I think I'm doing OK with eating somewhat healthy and watching my portion size, but I'm starting to get those overwhelming cravings. 

I haven't given into them, but the talk of a cheat day is sounding better all the time.  I'm thinking if the "cheat day" consists of only one small cheat item, then I won't feel as guilty.

As my husband says, I'm breaking the habit of poor eating and that will take some time. 

But I'll enjoy my new fit body a lot sooner and longer, if I don't indulge in that one minute of pleasure eating something that tastes good, but isn't good for me.    That is something to think about.



Keep up the good work and remember....nothing tastes as good as skinny feels !