Weather derails Walton's workout plans

FIT Staff
Feb 13, 2014

This past week started out a little rough, FIT Challenge-wise. 

Work and weather took over the beginning of the week. 

I was scheduled to workout with Hannah Riely of Norwalk Rec on Feb. 3, but worked 14 hours at work instead. 

When I got home, my husband, Christian, helped me get a quick workout in before I collapsed to sleep. 

Hannah and I rescheduled for Tuesday, but then again I had to work late. 

Wednesday didn't help us when The Rec was closed because of the weather. 

I then thought I would head to circuit training, but I got home and realized I had forgotten my shoes at work in Norwalk (I live in Sandusky). 

I have two pairs of tennis shoes, but with my plantar fasciitis it's a matter of minutes before my feet start to hurt if I don't wear my orthotics in my shoes and I only have one set of those ... and they were in Norwalk. 

Hannah previously texted me workout instructions.  She asked that I do 5 rounds of this killer workout.  Umm...five?   

I was telling my 8-year-old daughter, Ava my uncertainty about it.  Ava got excited and said she would do it with me...and she did.  I'm very proud of her. 

We were able to finish three rounds with a small break between rounds 2 and 3. 

It definitely was fun having Ava work out with me and to know she enjoyed it.   

I finally got together with Hannah on Thursday.  Hannah is always a good time.  Every time we workout, I learn more about myself.  She has me try things and do things that I didn't think I could do. 

Christian and I then rocked the Tim Dorsey Circuit Training on Friday with couple of friends and then worked out my legs and abs with Christian again on Saturday at Sandusky's Anytime Fitness.

I had a much better nutrition week.  I tried my first "healthy" snack recipe.  Peanut butter protein balls with chai seeds and ground flax seed.  I think it's pretty good and even Christian said he liked it.  Now, if I could just learn to boil an egg.