Walton achieves a few 'firsts'

FIT Staff
Feb 20, 2014

I've noticed when I don't feel good that's when my bad eating habits try to kick back in.

It's like when I don't feel good, I think I deserve something that makes me instantly feel good.

I really can't justify it because it eventually doesn't make me feel any better and, at times, makes me feel worse.

I've done good with not giving into temptations even with my sinus infections I've been dealing with on and off.

I've been eating more protein for breakfast and lunch and still trying to include a vegetable, mostly during lunch and dinner.

I was able to work out with my personal trainer Hannah Riley from the Norwalk Rec twice this week, my husband, Christian, once, and I did a 3-mile walk with my sister Kathy.

My sister was the person who got me started on my fitness heath. We would do 4-mile walks around the Ohio Veterans Home, Osborne Park, Sheldon's Marsh or, on cold days, the Sandusky Mall. I think walking is a great way to start getting in shape.

I have a couple "firsts" from this past week that I am proud of.

A few months ago, I could only do one pushup. If my life depended on it, and if it was a good day, maybe two.

I am now able to do 12 pushups; at that point my lower back starts to ache and needs to be stretched out. Still, I'm excited I could do that.

Then last summer I tried to "jog" around our block with my husband. By the third turn, I thought I was suffocating. It was terrible!

Fast-forward to this past Friday and I was able to jog 7/10ths of a mile with Hannah at the Rec. The next day I did 1 mile with my husband on a treadmill. (Hannah, I jogged 1 mile!)

I'm still not seeing the results that I was expecting, but I can tell I'm changing and slowly becoming more "FIT".