Walton 'wasn't in the mood' to eat healthy this past week

FIT Staff
Feb 27, 2014

This past week, besides being physically tired, I was feeling mentally drained. 

I'm not sure where people get the idea that exercise gives them more energy.  I'm definitely not seeing any. 

I only had four workout days this past week.  Sunday and Thursday with my husband Christian, and Monday and Wednesday with my FIT Trainer, Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec.

I did do my first two-a-day!

Wednesday after doing a nice sweaty hour workout with Hannah at the Rec, I met up with my husband and then picked up our oldest son from basketball and did a 45-minute circuit training with Tim Dorsey. 

Our son, Tyler is 11.  He said his body was exhausted after doing the circuit. 

My sister, Kathy, also brought her son Hayden, who is 12.  He's done the circuit a couple times and seems to enjoy it. 

Although this used to discourage me, I now find that it's definitely more fun working out with family or getting friends involved.

I also ran (jogged) another mile with Hannah.  Even with my sinus problems and the slight cough that I've picked up, it felt good. 

I seem to be breathing OK and getting enough oxygen.  The other times, I was so out of breath I had concentrate on breathing and could only say a few words at a time. 

This time I was "almost" able to hold a conversation for the whole run. 

Hopefully, this will soon be part of my regular routine. (Yeah!)

For some reason, I wasn't interested in eating healthy this past week, so that was a struggle. 

I just wasn't in the mood.  I'm sure some people can relate.  I still did OK. 

I found my favorite lunch is now a flavored tuna pack and a boiled egg (now that I got the boiled egg thing figured out).  Low in fat and calories and high in protein.  It definitely keeps me full longer.  

Well, cheers to another FIT week!



you're setting yourself up for failure IF you continue to do this in a hurry. Pace yourself, eat smaller portions and stay off sugar.

It's good that you're trying and don't beat yourself over the head with a wet noodle. slow and steady wins the race, not fast and in spurts!