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Walton needs to throw away her scale

FIT Staff
Mar 6, 2014

I missed working out this past week.   

What I mean by that is, I didn't work out as much as I wanted to.   

This is a good thing .. the feeling, that is. 

Apparently, I'm making working out, being at the gym and making myself healthier and stronger as part of my improved lifestyle. 

I've also noticed that if I lift weights with my husband, Christian, or do intense workouts with my FIT trainer Hannah Riley at the Noralk Rec and I'm not the least bit sore the next day, I feel I didn't work hard enough. 

Yep, another good thing.

I'm starting to get anxious about this coming week's weigh-in and measurement day.   

With all the changes that I have made with eating and being physically active, I thought I would have better results than what I've had. 

I have been told by two trainers not to worry about the weight loss. 

One even said he would pay me to allow him to throw out my scale.  This helps me feel a little better. 

Since I am trying to do cardio and weight training, I can tell I've lost inches. I just need to keep looking at the big picture and not just the numbers, although I'm still hoping I dropped a few more pounds.

We had our monthly FIT meeting with all the contestants this past weekend. 

It's so interesting to hear everyone's experience with this FIT challenge.  It's helpful to know what everyone is going through and what they have learned from their trainers and their experience. 

All the contestants are great people and fun to talk to.  I wouldn't mind if we got together more often to talk and to see how everyone is doing.   I wish them all the best of luck in this life changing challenge.