Walton has great workout week

FIT Staff
Mar 13, 2014

Wow, what a great past week! 

Somehow, all the stars must have aligned and given me the time I needed to work out six days straight this week. 

Actually, it was my husband, Christian, who picked up our kids from the bus, after school and got them where they needed to go. Without him, none of this would be working out.  

I’m enjoying this new lifestyle and I don’t want to be deterred from it, but I’m already worrying about when Christian’s business starts to get busier in the summer. 

When he doesn’t have the time, I won’t have the time.  It would be great to win this FIT Challenge, but if we can’t keep it up, then we really didn’t win.  

OK, enough of the worrying.   I’ll just keep taking this one day at a time.

Back to my positive workout week. Everyday included cardio and then some. 

Two days with Hannah, my FIT personal trainer at the Norwalk Rec.  One of those days I ended with running sprints. 

Two days after those sprints, my legs still feel the repercussions. Both days we did some really fun exercises.  Hannah definitely keeps it exciting.  

One day I did cardio and weights with Christian and the other three days were circuit training with Tim Dorsey Fitness.   

The first circuit I went to at the beginning of the week, I was set to go alone, but then my 11-year-old son, Tyler, asked if he could go with me.  He’s taken the class before, but I was very proud of him wanting to go.  I never once brought it up to him.  He just wanted to and told me he has fun doing it.  I definitely love that he’s there with me.   

One of the other circuit nights, the whole family went.  Christian and Tyler worked out with me and our two younger children enjoyed watching everyone.  Ava, our 8-year-old, wanted to participate, but I’m not sure she (or I)  am ready for it, but I'm sure it will be soon.

This weekend was filled with sports, literally, from morning to night.    My expectations for this coming week are high.  I’m hoping that things settle down from the weekend and the time change doesn’t do me in. Then I can have another workout repeat week.