Walton getting ready to cook some new foods

FIT Staff
Apr 17, 2014

This past week Hannah Riley, my FIT trainer from the Norwalk Rec, and I started to talk more about food.

I need to broaden my food choices. I think I've been eating well, but because of my pickiness, I'm very limited in my choices of food. 

I've been starting to try new foods, but Hannah is giving me a boost with a meal plan she set up for me. 

I've had quinoa, but I have never made it myself.  I've never even thought about having spaghetti squash, but will be trying that soon. 

I'm not use to cooking much, but somehow between work, working out and our children's five different sports practices and games, I'm going to have to fit it in. 

Figuring out how to cook and fix up these new foods is going to be time-consuming, but once I do it the initial time, I'm thinking it's going to be a lot easier ... considering I like what I make. 

I believe there will be a lot of trial and error with some of these new foods.  My husband, Christian will try almost anything once, but the kids are a different story.  We'll just have to see how that goes.

Hannah also upped my calorie intake by 500.  I jokingly said I'll just add a small slice of cheese cake each day to provide me with that 500 calories. (I was probably the only one laughing at that one.) But Hannah reminded me that it had to be healthy choices.

My workouts have been going good.  Worked out with Hannah twice and circuit training once.  I've been trying to do some abs every night and running more. 

I found I can do the same work out four different times and feel four different ways doing it.

Running seems that way.  Sometimes my legs are so tired, even though I didn't just work them out. 

Or my legs are fine, but my lungs can't keep up. 

It gets frustrating, but I'm making progress, so I definitely don't want to give up.