Walton celebrates great workout week

FIT Staff
Apr 24, 2014

This past week was a great workout week! 

Now that some of my muscles have a tolerance, they get sore, but only that night or the next morning. 

This past week, my husband Christian had me do a crazy leg workout that I felt most of the week.  We'll just say that the squat machine and I have a love\hate relationship. 

Then I did a back, chest and arm workout at home and at Tim Dorsey's circuit training.  My arms and shoulders felt like noodles for days. 

Right when my legs felt recovered, my FIT trainer Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec scheduled our photo shoot at the reservoir. 

It was a perfect day to meet our photographer, Luke  Wark, for photos. 

We did one-legged squats off the swings and a few other exercises that I'm not sure what to call, but they were fun, yet really worked my legs, thighs, shoulders and arms. 

I'm still feeling the repercussions of those.  Hannah definitely has a way to make working out seem easy and fun, but then really works you out.

She easily proves to me, over and over again, that anyone can workout.  You don't need any fancy equipment and just a little bit of time.

 I slipped a little bit with the running this past week.  I think I only ran once.  

I knew the meal plan that Hannah created for me would be difficult, but I didn't realize it would be as challenging as it is. 

Christian and I went shopping and bought everything we needed, but the majority of my new healthy food is still sitting on the counter in the container I bought it in. 

I was able to make the quinoa.  I cooked it in our rice cooker and mixed it with veggies.  I ate that for dinner one night and lunch on two other days. 

I didn't need a lot, it was filling and very tasty. 

Hopefully, this coming week, I'll be able to incorporate more of my new healthy foods into my meal plans.
Here's to hoping all the other contestants survive Easter's food and fun!