Walton's kids work out with her trainer

FIT Staff
May 1, 2014
This past week went well, no big changes.  
I was hoping for bigger accomplishments, but it was a nice steady week.  
My small accomplishments would be that I have made sure I did my basic exercises at home every day, even on days I worked out with Hannah Riley or at the gym.  
It definitely makes me feel better.  I also have been trying to play with the kids outside more.  
Last year, you would have never found me playing kickball in the yard.  
This week was special, though.  The kids were on spring break, so I took a few days off work.  
Ava stayed overnight with her Aunt Heather and cousins in Amish Country.  The boys and I went to SkyZone.  The whole family spent a day a Castaway Bay. Then, of course, soccer, baseball, basketball and softball took over the evenings and weekends.  
There was an extra special day.  The kids and I worked out with Hannah at the Norwalk Rec.   They had an great time.  Hannah was amazing with them.  
We had a lot of fun and still had a great workout.
We are definitely going to plan for another family workout session.  
What I have learned most from the FIT challenge is how great it feels to be active with our kids.  It's a great feeling!