Walton: 'Getting my butt back into gear'

FIT Staff
May 29, 2014

Week 2 of not working out as much as I want to or should.  

I was doing great for a while, working out at home every night, whether I worked out at the gym or not. 

Lately, it seems I’ve been mentally, physically and emotionally drained. Add that to a hectic schedule, and my progress has come to a slight temporary halt. 

Nothing like being in a health slump right before your first 5K. 

I have been trying to run.  My personal trainer Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec has me running every other day to get ready for the 5K, but I still feel like my lungs just aren’t ready.  (Update: Edie won the FIT Challenge 5K on Sunday. She was the first of the five FIT Challengers to finish.)

I’ve ran more than 2 miles without rest, twice and probably could have run longer, but I still have a schedule to keep, so there are always time restraints. 

I’m am proud to day my eating hasn’t been affected too much. 

Breakfast has been a boiled egg or protein flake cereal, tuna or salad for lunch, half a protein bar, mixed nuts or Greek yogurt for a snack. 

Dinner is a small portion of whatever the family is eating. 

I’m still trying out the recipes and food suggestions from Hannah.  I haven’t been disappointed yet. 

My next blog will definitely show improvement ... lack of time or not feeling well will not stop me from getting my butt back into gear.