Walton winning the food war

FIT Staff
Jun 12, 2014

Slow and steady.  That's how this past week has gone. 

I got to enjoy the weather and work out with Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec. We went outside and did a little more tire flipping up a hill. 

I have been able to pick up my home daily workout ... got off track awhile, but I'm back on now. 

Push-ups, weighted crunches and squats throughout the day, whenever I get a chance. 

My weight has been at a standstill for a few weeks now. I'm hoping I can get out of this rut. 

I jogged with my husband, Christian, and that seems to be easier than before. 

I think since the nervousness of the 5K is gone, it's almost enjoyable.  I changed the way I was breathing when I was running and that seemed to help.  Deeper longer breaths are the way to go!

My food choices this past week haven't been terrible, but I still need to work on it. 

Breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks are always pretty easy.  Our strawberry patch is overflowing with strawberries, so we should always have our favorite fruit on hand. 

Dinner adds the temptations of whatever is around and whatever is quick and easy because that's our family's busy time of the day. 

I stay strong with portion size even if the choice isn't the greatest, but I have yet to have an ice cream sundae for dinner ... that does happen a few times during the summer. so I believe I am still winning this food war.