FIT Challenger's journey coming to an end

FIT Staff
Nov 17, 2013
I am really disappointed in FIT Challenger Nick Riedy's lack of commitment this month.
He did well in the 5K that he participated in Oct. 27.
Since the 5K, he has not shown up to the gym for two weeks.
I think Nick’s journey is coming to an end, unless he makes a decision to make this a priority and finish.
At this point, I am not sure what to do and am at a loss for words.



This seasons challenge seems to be way less successful than past seasons. I feel bad that both Fred and Gretchen got contestants who just flat out wasted their time and resources that were offered free of charge! Do you know how many people would love a free gym membership and free trainer for 6 months? I hope the members of their gyms let these trainers know that it isn't a lack of anything they did! Thank you Fred and Gretchen for the hard work and dedication you both put into your contestants!


Yeah, I agree with HuronGirl. I think it's kind of sad because, although it's understandable that life circumstances come into play, there are people who are literally trying so hard to get a chance at the opportunity these young people have been given. There are people, such as myself, who would jump at the opportunity to be given the opportunity and resources that this competition offers. I hope that the next group understands that this is a great life-changing opportunity and takes full advantage of it :)