World-record holder has a nice ring to it

FIT Staff
Nov 19, 2013

With the 2013 Triathlon far over, I get to look forward to the holidays now. The Thanksgiving feasts, The Local Turkey Trot 5K’s, shopping for presents, hanging up the lights, spending time with my three beautiful ladies, and attempting to break a couple Guinness World Records.

Yes, while I spend countless hours riding my bike trainer indoors, running in the cold weather with Jason Werling and the rest of the Peeps, I am training to break a Guinness World Record this winter (Possibly more than one). I am once again teaming up with The National Firefighters Endowment to help raise money for “The Detroit Mutual Aid” Campaign.

This is a national mutual aid call to the fire service to put life-saving tools in the hands of Detroit’s Bravest. Detroit firefighters respond to the highest number of structure fire calls in the Nation. This is mainly due to the numerous vacant buildings throughout the city caused by Detroit’s economic crisis. The cause for most of these structural fires is arson. Many of Detroit’s disabled and paralyzed firefighters are losing their benefits due to this crisis. So The NFE Stepped up. You can get more info and help out by visiting:

On December 15th I will be attempting the fastest half marathon in firefighter gear World Record at The Adrenaline Sports Santa Hustle right here in Sandusky. The current record stands at 2hrs. 41sec. There is such a great deal of evidence and documentation needed for such an attempt. So, if anyone is interested in running alongside me as a witness or following me on a bike to video record the entire attempt; please feel free to contact me. I just applied for 2 more Guinness World Records as well, so keep an eye out in the future.

As far as my Turnout Challenge Foundation goes, I could not be happier. Today, over 8700 dollars has been raised, far beyond my original 2,500 dollar goal. Firefighters all around The United States joined me in taking The Turnout Challenge and promoting a healthy lifestyle in the fire service. For more information on my Foundation, please visit: Lastly, thank you to the staff at The Sandusky Register for allowing me to share everything the past year.