Running a 5k in full firefighter gear

FIT Staff
Jun 20, 2013

The past couple weeks have been busy with training and the start of The Triathlon Season. I competed in the Ohio Police And Fire Games Triathlon Event and placed 1st overall, winning the gold medal and breaking the record by 23 minutes. I competed in The HFP Racing Olympic Triathlon at Maumee Bay State Park Sunday June 16th. I finished in 2hr. 31 minutes, 11 minutes faster than my previous time last year. My swim time was a bit slow at 31 minutes for 1500m, but did well cycling at a 23 MPH average.

I am running the Stein Hospice 5k Run on June 29th in Full Fire Gear and Air pack with 5-10 other firefighters. I have my first Ironman Triathlon upcoming on July 13th. Ironman Muncie will be a very hot weather Triathlon, and my first time competing in this event. I just started kicking up my daily training to about 3 hours a day. Cycling 50 miles and swimming 1 1/2 miles. I started the Turnout Challenge Foundation to benefit The National Firefighters Endowment. is where any direct donation can be made.

I joined The First Due Triathlon Team with 5 other area police and firefighters to help benefit my foundation. We will be competing in some area endurance events and triathlons to raise awareness for heart disease and the need for physical fitness for public safety employees. I am still well short of my 2,500 dollar fundraising goal for The September REV3 and currently seeking out sponsors.

I changed up my Triathlon Schedule this year a bit and even got my lovely wife Amy into competing in Triathlons and Duathlons with me. The REV3 Race Director offered me a great opportunity to get other Police and Firefighters involved in September at Cedar Point. All public safety employees who wish to compete in The Sprint Distance REV3 Triathlon on September 7th will be given free entry. Anyone public safety employees interested, need to contact me at Perkins Fire Station #2.



Please tell me Mr. Hackenburg is a volunteer firefighter. I would hate to see my tax dollars funding the training and whatever else goes into this sort of fitness program.

Clark W. Griswald

Next time you have a thought, let it go...


@ rezzy,
First thing I have to say to you is "REALLY"? I suppose your idea of a firefighter is that they show up, play checkers, and wash the trucks? Right?!
Well there is a lot of work and hard training that happens. Being a firefighter is not for everyone. They have to deal the worst emergencies imaginable. Render medical treatment to those injured that would make the average person puke. And without thought, dig through rubble for days if necessary, to rescue a citizen or fellow firefighter. Because that's what they do!
A firefighter must keep fit in any way possible! On the job physical fitness training is the norm. The leading cause of death of firefighters is heart attacks. So then, 'rezzy', before you open your mouth again, think about what your saying because your BIG ole foot is flying at high speed for your mouth.
Have a good day.


I think I must have caught you in the middle of a backdraft episode or during a firefighter pep rally. I know a firefighter who I won't mention his name and he has plenty of stories about life in the fire department. He typically works three days each week, watches hours of television in the department, jokes with the boys, collects a nice paycheck, accumulates a ton of vacation time and is really overweight...hmmm, slightly contradicts your passionate plea and defender of the firefighter universe mentality. Oh yeah, your illegal desire to put a "BIG ole foot flying at high speed in my mouth." With that last line, you lost all noble credibility you've built up in your own mind about how people see you as super human moving action figures.

Have a good day


Yeah because we wouldn't want a firefighter to be in good shape if they had to try to save a life would we?


I definitely desire my heroic rescuer to be in good shape. I would suspect we would have a hard time finding him in the department while he's out training. I am curious, does he use personal vacation time when he travels to these events to compete or is that justifiable on taxpayer dollars under the guise that he stays in shape to save lives? Seriously, anyone?

Clark W. Griswald

Keep up the good work Hack!

Dont Worry Be Happy

Rezzy...seriously! Some of you tax payers make the dumbest comments. I'm a tax payer in the TWP and if any fireman wants to get in shape on the taxes I pay in then go right ahead. More firemen and police officers should take better care of themselves. Rezzy...Brian trains on his own time, next time ask questions before you say something so dumb.


In fact, I think we should ensure that legislation is passed to keep nurses in good shape as well on company money. They lift patients in and out of bed. We should also allow city road workers company time too, they do a lot more heavy labor than our firefighters in the sleepy township. I think we should have only a volunteer firefighter force, period!


So I suppose you would rather have your tax dollars going to some overweight and lazy fireman who doesn't do anything but sit around doing nothing to better themselves? Sometimes I wonder if people post a stupid comment like rezzy did just to get a rise out of people. Good for you Mr. Hackenburg! Keep it up! I appreciate what you are doing and glad you have the drive and determination for a cause.


You must be a friend or relative. I simply think that if we are going to cut school sports in the township, we should first look at other options like an all volunteer firefighter force. They obviously have a lot of time to train, especially if they are going to be world class athletes. Think people, think

Its show time

Rezzy: If anything, he is actually saving taxpayer money by reducing the cost of healthcare premiums! It is amazing how ignorant people like Rezzy can be. Also, how is this actually costing taxpayer money? Please enlighten us on your reasoning, as I see this as a cost saving measure! Plus all equipment he uses was either paid for by himself or from companys that gave him a sponsorship.


So you are saying that by deteriorating his joints and muscles by training at this level, that he is somehow saving money on healthcare. Despite the strains and pulls that cause him to visit a doctor, his immediate health costs won't be that high. Ask any professional athlete when they get in their forties if they have health care bills and they will tell you they have tons. With this guy being a firefighter, he will likely be in the township department for 30 years or more. My guess is that we will pay big time when he is much older. But hey, if you can take a government ride and collect huge pensions and get the hearts and minds of the taxpayers while little Timmy can't play high school sports, then more power to you.


@rezzi- what part of "On his own/personal time" is so hard to understand? Hack is one hell of a guy and firefighter. Stop and think. You want someone auditing what you do in your off time? I rather have a fit first responder save my behind than someone I have to wind up giving CPR to. Get it?!


Rezzy, take a step back and look at the whole picture. First off, the fire dept has nothing to do with the schools. Financially, you can't lump them into one, nor can you compare them side by side. I understand by your comments that you are upset about the state of our school system, as you should be. To say that our township needs a volunteer fire department would set us back decades. There are significant benefits to having a full time department. Response times to incidents are decreased, adequate staffing at the ready to respond with important equipment, and more specialized training in various areas just to name a few. That's what we're paying for, and that's what we're getting. Like it or not, being fit to do the job is part of their job description, and they should train for that as much as they should in any other aspect of their job. What he does on his off time is none of your business, or mine. Bottom line is that you're disgusted with the schools, you know a firefighter who is lazy and brags about it, and you think our community would be better served by having a vounteer department. 1) As I said, you're gripe about the schools has nothing to do with this. 2) Your lazy firefighter is the one who will end up having the heart attack and greatful for someone like Hackenburg to pull him out. 3) If you think you will benefit from going backwards to a volunteer department, don't vote for the fire levy. (Although I don't think it will matter because that levy has notoriously passed for years.) And for the record, yes, I am a friend of Mr. Hackenburg's and I am a township taxpayer. AND I voted for the fire levy. To attack his efforts for trying to better himself makes you sound irrational and/or jealous.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Safecracker, good post. It seems Rezzy is the only person against Brian staying fit, lol. I think jealousy is big part of Rezzys attack on Brian.