3:32 PM Jul 6, 2014

FIT Challenger Edie Walton has gone through a couple weeks this month of not losing anything again, but that didn't stop her from continuing a healthy lifestyle. 

She broke through her plateau and lost a few more pounds and, more importantly, inches.

9:42 AM Apr 27, 2014

Off-the-wall changes have been happening for Edie this month.

She has continued to lose weight and inches, but most importantly she is looking toned.

This month at one of our workouts I had her do tricep dips. She was supposed to do 20 of them.

3:56 PM Mar 23, 2014
FIT Challenger Edie Walton has done very well this month.
She has lost inches, gotten stronger and made overall improvements to her health. 
3:19 PM Feb 9, 2014
It’s a new year and a new challenge with new contestants.
I must say, the contestant (Edie Walton) I received this time has definitely been amazing.
She is starting to become more and more focused as the challenge continues.
3:52 PM Dec 22, 2013
This month I’m a bit disappointed in FIT Challenger Sharon Adler.
I had hoped by now that Sharon would’ve gotten the hang of choosing healthy options.
12:54 PM Nov 21, 2013
Pineapple, cilantro, veggie pizza
Pizza Crust
1/2 tablespoon salt
12/3 cups organic barley flour
1 cup organic millet flour
1/3 cup ground flax seeds
11/2 tablespoons active dry yeast
3:47 PM Nov 24, 2013
Another month of the FIT Challenge has come and gone.
It seemed a lot shorter since I went to Africa for part of it and FIT Challenger Sharon Adler was not able to do workouts because of her injury.
3:22 PM Nov 3, 2013
October is a very different month for FIT Challenger Sharon Adler and me.
Since she had a pretty major injury, she's not able to do much as far as working out.
3:41 PM Sep 29, 2013
This past month has been a bit of a struggle for FIT Challenger Sharon Adler as she had been sick for two weeks, which put her out of commission for quite a while and we weren’t able to work out very much.
3:15 PM Sep 1, 2013
FIT Challenger Sharon Adler continues to amaze me by sending me texts saying she’s going for a jog or a 20-mile bike ride.
She has made good progress.