Sharon Adler's body gets toned, strong

FIT Staff
Sep 29, 2013
This past month has been a bit of a struggle for FIT Challenger Sharon Adler as she had been sick for two weeks, which put her out of commission for quite a while and we weren’t able to work out very much.
With that being said, Sharon also had her mom come visit from Florida these past few weeks. They went out to eat a bit more than Sharon had planned.
She tried to be very careful about what she ate, but it’s hard when you are at a restaurant and you don’t know exactly what’s in all the food.
Eating the occasional treat is OK, but Sharon quickly found out that if you’re not eating the best, you won’t feel the best.
Losing pounds and seeing lower numbers on the scale is the focus of many people who are trying to lose weight.
Sharon is learning, however, that weight doesn’t really matter when you’re turning fat to muscle.
Sharon has lost 20 pounds since starting this challenge.
What excites both of us more than the weight loss is that she has gone from a size 18 down to a 14, and her body is really getting toned up and strong.
I love the fact that Sharon is an outside-type of person. When we work out, sometimes we’ll go outside and it’s just the greatest.
Being outside helps distract Sharon so she pushes harder. I believe no workout should EVER be boring. Being outside is a great way to make the most out of our workouts because there is so much to do in the
We plan to take a bike ride in the next few weeks on the North Coast Inland Trail that goes to Wakeman. That should be spectacular as the
fall colors are changing!