FIT Challenger is no longer shy, quiet

FIT Staff
Jul 6, 2014

FIT Challenger Edie Walton has gone through a couple weeks this month of not losing anything again, but that didn't stop her from continuing a healthy lifestyle. 

She broke through her plateau and lost a few more pounds and, more importantly, inches.

As a trainer, I'm so proud that she is not giving up when she doesn't see a change for a week or two. This tells me that she will be able to keep this healthy lifestyle going for a long time without stopping. 

If someone makes life-changing choices, which all of the FIT challengers have done, they start to see some mind-blowing results. 

Once these life changes have been made, sometimes people get off track and start doing what they used to do. When this happens, unfortunately their life can quickly revert back to how it was before, and sometimes become even worse. 

My prayer for all the challengers is that they continue this healthy lifestyle, never quit, inspire others to change their lives and ultimately be able to enjoy life better because of feeling and looking healthy. 

I know that Edie has definitely improved her quality of life. She used to just watch her kids play and now she actually has fun being active with them. 

Edie also goes and works out with her amazingly supportive husband, Christian. In my opinion, her relationships with her family members have grown to a deeper level because of this life change. 

I firmly believe spending time with people is one of the best relationship builders out there. Edie is now constantly doing activities that she enjoys with others, rather than just watching her family have fun. She is now part of it!

I see a smile on Edie's face more than I did at the beginning of the challenge. She is a much more positive person and instead of saying, "I don't think I can do that.” She says, "I'll give it a try because it looks almost fun!" 

Edie is also no longer the very shy and quiet person I met six months ago. The reason I say this is because the last time we worked out at the Rec Center, I was at one end of the hall, and she was way down by the front desk. When she saw me, she started waving and smiling like she hadn't seen me in weeks. 

Edie was definitely not being shy at that moment. Now, Edie is much more likely to do crazy things in front of people and not really care about what they think. 

Edie's changes the past five months have been more than just weight loss. She has become extremely toned and strong.  

The mindset I see in Edie is completely different. Edie also does not struggle so much with back, calf or foot pain anymore.  This list could probably be a mile long with everything that has changed for Edie.

I'm so proud of who she has become and it's amazing to see a person change that much.