Balance exercises will keep you steady

FIT Staff
Mar 21, 2014

Did you know that after age 25, your balance begins to decline, and that after age 65, one in three people will fall while doing normal activities of daily living?

But falls can be prevented.  Muscle-strengthening and balance-retraining programs can decrease the risk of falls by 45 percent. 

People who practice the non-competitive art of tai chi (which emphasizes gentle movements and stretching) have a significantly better sense of joint position and better reaction times than people of the same age who did not practice such balance-intense activities. 

Improving your balance may not be No. 1 on your priority list – but maybe it should be. 

Balance falls into the same category as flexibility, core strength and mobility. 

These are all things our bodies need to function efficiently, but many of us don’t actually do exercises to improve them. 

If you exercise regularly, you already work on your balance without even knowing it.  But just because you exercise doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. 

As our balance skills deteriorate, it is important to do exercises to improve and maintain balance. 

Balance exercises can be performed daily and in your home. 

You can start with simple activities and increase the difficulty as your balance improves. 

You can start at home by walking with a book on your head.  This will improve your balance and your posture.

As with all things health-wise, improving and maintaining your balance skills requires commitment and repetition.  The reward for your efforts can be a lifetime of standing on your own two feet!