If the shoe fits, don't just buy it

FIT Staff
Apr 11, 2014

It’s time to shake off winter and get active. 

But before you do that, make sure your shoes are right for your feet. It really does matter.

No. 1 mistake:  buying shoes based on style or what your friends are wearing.  Colors and styles of workout shoes have come a long way.  Go to the experts at a sporting goods store, or even a podiatrist to determine your foot type. 

Trying on shoes in the store is different than actually wearing them.

Here are four tips:

1. Shop toward the end of the day when your feet tend to be larger. 

2. Try the shoes on with the socks that you wear during your workouts. 

3. Walk around the store to see how the shoes feel. 

4. Try some of the movements that you do during your workout.  If it doesn’t feel “just right” try another shoe.




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