Chapman: 'It feels good to know that so many people believe in me'

Jan 16, 2013

I have one word to say this week: Accomplished.  That is how I feel.  I can't say that I feel as if things have been easy, but I will say that I have been persistent and stuck with it, and results are starting to come.
The eating habits are starting to come very naturally now.  It doesn't bother me at all to eat something different from the rest of the family.  For the most part, though, we are all eating much healthier because we are cooking differently, not buying as much junk and eating a lot of fresh veggies and fruits.  We have cut out most of our soda intake and made the switch to skim milk and water.  When most of the choices in the house are healthy ones, it’s easy to stick to.
I have done a lot of exercising this past week.  I went to Curves in Norwalk and did all my circuit training, and even went to Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday.
I won't say that the exercising habits seem as easy as the eating habits to change, but I am making myself stick with it.  When I see those pounds go down on the scale, it makes me excited to go back and burn off some more fat!  I am becoming more active without even realizing it.
My good friend Christine met me at the Norwalk Reservoir this weekend and we walked 2 miles. At first I felt badly, as if I might be slowing her down.  People were passing us, and that hill was a killer! But then she said something very inspiring.  She said, “Who cares how long it takes you to finish as long as you finish."
How true is this?  She reminded me that earlier in the week I had went to Curves for my circuit training, went to the rec and beat that elliptical ( I finally made it 30 minutes straight on interval!)  and then still went to Zumba at night.  All that in one day!  
I wouldn't have even thought I would ever be able to put in 90 minutes of exercise in one day, but I did and I didn't die, even if I felt like I wanted to.
The outpouring of support from people has just been amazing.  I have co-workers, family members, church members and friends all giving me so much positive feedback and energy.  It feels good to know that so many people believe in me.
My Mom joined Curves with me.  I am so glad to see her moving in the right direction to get healthy.  I told her since  she beat cancer, she is not allowed to die on me from having a heart attack!  My Dad has been going to the Norwalk Rec with me.  I have friends meeting me at Zumba and walking with me and leaving me good thoughts and encouragement on Facebook.  Also,  I am making new friends all the time at curves and the rec.
The Lord has definitely blessed me this past week, and I know that with his strength, I will continue to Press ON!