Chapman: 'I CAN do it'

FIT Staff
Mar 20, 2013

Had another exciting week.  I actually had an awesome weight loss this past week of 5 pounds, which pushed me to 32 pounds total. 

This is awesome to me.  I am finally starting to see it and feel it.  I have more energy and actually feel bad when I don't make it to the gym! 
If I keep this up I will actually be down 60 or more pounds by July and the end of the challenge. 
Our FIT Challenge was Saturday at Anytime Fitness in Norwalk.  I have to commend everybody on their performance.  I felt as if everyone gave a good effort and did a great job. 
We all finished the challenge.  I came in last place this time, but honestly, I just was proud to be able to finish. 
Also, I had to go in that night and work a 12-hour shift.  After the last challenge I was very sore the next day. 
This time I did not feel that, which means I am in better shape than I was a month ago! 
Alan Furey won the challenge.  He was on the treadmill next to me and I must say his running skills definitely impressed me! 
He did not look like "a fat person running on a treadmill"  he looked like  "a runner working out on a treadmill."  Running is not my thing, I guess you could say.  But after Saturday, I am going to have to start doing it!
I want to say thanks to all my family who came out to cheer me on.  This includes my Dad, my Uncle Ken, Kipp, Hunter, my sister-in-law Cathy and my niece Ashley. 
They were all thoroughly impressed with each and every one of us.  They all told me they were proud of me and the other contestants, and that they couldn't do what they watched me do that day.  
Well, a few months ago I couldn't have done it either, nor would I have believed I ever could!  Thank you FIT Challenge for helping me realize that I CAN do it.  And thank you God for giving me the strength to go on even when I don't want to!


Alan Furey

Congrats Heather! And thanks for the compliment - I've always wanted to be a runner!