Chapman: 'I have proven to myself that I CAN get my weight off'

FIT Staff
Jun 26, 2013
Wow, six months has really flown by!
At the point I am writing this, I know that I am not going to win the FIT challenge, but I also know that I am 41 pounds lighter than I was six months ago, so I truly am a winner after all. 
I have done things in the past six months that I never thought I possibly could do, and I have proven to myself that I know how to do it, and I have proven to myself that I CAN get my weight off.
I actually have a very different outlook on the FIT challenge now.  When I had found out I was chosen I really thought that I would have a "personal trainer"  who worked out with me and did lots of crazy exercises with me. 
Being chosen by Curves this was not how it was for me.  I more or less had a coach.  I went to a weekly weigh-in. 
I learned how to eat properly, and the ladies at the club were very supportive of me.  I also ended up buying a membership to the Norwalk Rec Center. 
I did not have a trainer to work out with me through these other exercise adventures, but what I did have was a lot of great friends that I made along the way.  It really made me dig deep and do this because I wanted to, not because my trainer told me I had to or that I should.  
I learned how to be successful without relying on anybody else, and that is what I need to do as I continue my weight loss journey.  I am not quitting because it is the end of June my friends, this is a total lifestyle change.
I want to congratulate Cole, Stephanie, Alan and Jeff on all their success. I think that as a whole, this group has been very successful.  I am very proud of all of you and thankful for the friendships we have made.
I am very grateful to the FIT challenge and to the Norwalk Curves because they actually got me started and were the motivation I needed.  If it were not for that, I would not be where I am today.  Thank you.
Also, I want to thank my family.  Kipp, Hunter, Mom and Dad and even my brother George and sister-in-law Cathy.  They all look out for me on my diet and ask me about my exercise and encourage me to continue.  I love you all.
Also, I want to thank the members of my church family.  All your prayers and support mean more than the world to me.  You have been there through thick and thin and I truly appreciate it.
All of my friends who have gone to crazy exercise classes with me, on walks in the middle of winter, done 5Ks with me so I didn't have to do it alone, thank you.  I love you all.
Hopefully, I have inspired at least one person with this blog, because let me tell you, if I can be successful so can you.  With God all things are possible, my friends. 
Thanks for coming along this life-changing journey with me.


Alan Furey

Heather, you have done a great job throughout this competition! I have been impressed with your work ethic and your ability to juggle so many different responsibilities at once! You showed incredible determination and the willingness to get after this challenge! You and your family should be proud of what you have accomplished! I look forward to our Zumba Ashley class at Anytime Fitness!