1:03 PM Jun 27, 2013

I am really at a loss as to what to write about this past week.

Nothing has changed.

Because of my injury, I am unable to exercise. I am just waiting for July 1st to come around, which is when I get my final decision from the doctor on what to do.

1:13 PM Jun 20, 2013

I have not had much to include in my blogs these past few weeks.  

Since my fall from the roof, I haven't been able to do my regular workouts.

1:03 PM Jun 6, 2013

This past week has been quite uneventful for me.

I am still waiting on a set of doctor appointments to determine the final course of action for my injuries.

1:13 PM May 30, 2013

This past week was a more interesting week.

I am still dropping weight. However, it is not as fast as I would like.

1:00 PM May 23, 2013

This past week was fairly easy.

I had some small issues that caused me to not be able to give 100 percent. 

I have struggled a little with my diet as well this past week. I have not been too bad. 

1:01 PM May 16, 2013

This past week continued to go well.  I lost another 6 pounds. 

I continue to be on pace to drop just below 300 by the end of the competition, which would be a total loss of 83 pounds.

1:00 PM May 9, 2013

This past week has not been much different than any others.

The weather is finally beginning to break, so we have been outside more and more.

1:06 PM May 2, 2013

This past week was a positive week.  I finally moved past my plateau.  

In the last week alone, I lost 10 pounds.  I have officially broken the 50-pounds lost mark.  I just hope that I can keep the losing up without another plateau.  

1:00 PM Apr 25, 2013

This past week the scale started to move again.

My personal trainer Caleb Helline and I have yet to do an official weigh-in, so I can't say for how much.

I am just hoping that one way or the other, my body fat percentage continues to decline.

1:13 PM Apr 18, 2013

Now that the weather has warmed up, I'm just waiting for it to dry up, so I can get outside.