Porter: 'I have hit the point where this is becoming routine for me'

Feb 21, 2013

I am pleased with my overall progress since the last article.  My first article was so early into the competition, that I did not have that much to report.  I feel that I have now made significant progress since the beginning of the competition. 

Since last week, I was down a total of about 30 pounds.  This last week, I did not lose much weight, but my body fat percentage and size continued to drop.

My personal trainer Caleb Helline of Bodi N Balance and I have added an additional day to our workout routine each week.  This is on top of Caleb increasing the intensity of my routines each week. 

The overall focus of my routines is changing as well.  During the initial stages, my routines were focused on getting my muscles used to being worked again.  Currently, the focus is more on endurance-type exercises.  I can tell that my overall fitness level is increasing.  The first week, I was sore for days after each workout.  Now, an hour after my workouts, I feel right as rain.

I am still sticking with my diet for the most part.  The difficulty for me becomes the variety of what my meals consist of.  It is easy to find a meal that fits into my diet.  However, it becomes very monotonous eating the same thing again and again. 

I can honestly say without the attention of this whole FIT Challenge, I would have slipped on my diet.  My grandmother lives with us, and feels the need to cook all of the time.  Every time I open the door to the fridge, there is a pan of meatloaf, cheesy potatoes, Rice Krispy treats, etc. sitting there.  The most difficult challenge to my willpower is passing these things by and reaching for the food I can have.

I feel that if I can make it through the next month, I will be able to be very successful at this program.  I have hit the point where this is becoming routine for me.  I wake up; eat my oatmeal, exercise, protein shake, water, salad, water, sandwich, water, fruit, rinse and repeat.  Becoming a routine, or habit, has its pros and cons.  I no longer feel that it is a chore to make the trip to the gym, and I do not dread it nearly as much anymore.  However, I feel like since I am in such a stable routine, that it should be no big deal if I deviate.  This is the largest hurdle that I must overcome mentally.

My family and friends are still being very supportive.  When I get together with my friends on weekends to game, they normally load up on junk food and share with everyone.  However, they know and support what I am doing, so they keep it to themselves, or limit what they bring to begin with. 

My daughter is very excited to see her picture cheering me on from the first challenge on the Register’s website and possibly Tuesday’s paper.  My wife has continued to try to keep me motivated as well; telling me all the changes she is noticing in my physique as well as my routine.  My grandmother is trying her best to help with grocery shopping as well, but she is the type that believes steak and eggs for breakfast every day is the perfect meal.

Winning the first FIT Challenge is a nice reward to the hard work that I have put in so far.  Winning the challenge has given me a sense of responsibility now as well.  I feel that I cannot go into the next challenge and get less than first.  I must be able to secure a win without the “home field advantage”.  This is particular true, after seeing how hard all of the other competitors were pushing themselves to win.  There is very little margin for error, and no room for me to rest on my laurels.

I do not have a specific goal for this upcoming month, besides just sticking with my workouts and diets.  My overall goal for this competition would be to drop a total 100 pounds.  This would mean that I would need to consistently drop 3.8 pounds per week for the rest of the competition.  I do not know if I can do it, but I do know that I am going to try.


Estrella Damm

Good luck next time. Hope the next FIT Challenge is explained clearly to all of the participants.