Porter sticks to his diet

Mar 7, 2013

This past week has been no different than many of the others. We are still gradually increasing the intensity of workouts. 

My trainer Caleb Helline of Bodi N Balance and I have started to train for running at this point. We have barely started the training, and I can tell that I have a long way to go.

I have met my end-of-February weigh-in goal. I was down a total of 40 pounds since the beginning of the challenge. I have been sticking to my diet pretty well. I have been doing a good job of finding meals that are in my caloric limit, which has helped a bunch.



Hey Jeff this is former contestant Jacob from Bodi N Balance. I was in the same situation you are in. Yes running is hard but its one of the best ways to burn fat and calories. Just stick with it, you never know you might like it. Good luck.


TransforMohr is right. He is over 100lb weight loss.