Porter swears off the scale

FIT Staff
Apr 18, 2013

Now that the weather has warmed up, I'm just waiting for it to dry up, so I can get outside.  

My routines are still slowly progressing in the gym.  Four days a week, I between an hour to hour and half with my personal trainer Caleb Helline of Bodi N Balance. I also swim three to four days a week, do an hours worth of body-weight exercises three to four times a week, and the occasional jog when I can.

I have realized through this, that I am definitely not a runner.  For my height, I have very short legs and no arches.  This has honestly been the biggest hurdle I have come across during this competition.  
I do wish some of the challenges were a little more general fitness-oriented rather than so running focused.  It is hard for me to train for these types of events with the mindset of continuing my activity after the challenge is over, knowing that I will never run.
My main focus currently is trying to keep my diet in check.  I do well with what I eat; it is timing of meals and portion control that I still struggle with.  This was particularly difficult when I got discouraged because of the plateau I hit.  
On Trevor Tieche's suggestion, I have not weighed in since my last official weigh-in.  He wants me to stay focused on getting healthy and changing my lifestyle, as opposed to stressing every day over how much the scale has moved.  I hope this does payoff for my next weigh-in here in two weeks.



Ya its gonna pay off! You can grow your hair out and be Brad Pitt's body double by the end of this FIT Challenge.