Gardin is losing her taste for sweets

FIT Staff
Feb 19, 2014

This past week started out terrible with three days of no gym due to a severe sinus infection and not being able to breathe.

By Feb. 10, I couldn't take it any longer and left work sick to see the doctor. Two days later, I was back at the gym feeling much better, although I still had a hard time breathing through my nose. 

I jumped back in and happy to do so! I've been to the gym every day since then to make up for it. 

This past week I learned how to properly use the elliptical machine without hurting my bad right knee.

Apparently, there's this thing called resistance; it helps you to not feel like you are spinning out of control!

All kidding aside, I CAN DO IT!!! I have even started to increase that resistance and maintain a hard working heart rate!

Saturday was the day to work with my NOMS trainer Shawn Zahel and catch up on a heavy workout since I missed three days. He did not spare any toughness.

I started out with a warm-up on the elliptical machine at the highest level I have done so far. My legs felt like jelly after :(

Then he had me try the very scary stair-climbing machine that looks like an escalator. My first thought was, "How hard could this really be? They are only steps. Can't be too bad, right???" WRONG!!!

After my legs already felt like jelly, it was terribly rough. But I completed the time he wanted me to and was very sweaty afterward.

I took a short break of water and walked around a few minutes to shake the weird, jelly-leg feeling.

Next was TRX bands. They look like ratchet straps attached to a children's jungle gym, but they are rather effective. I highly recommend them.

I did several different exercises three times each. Just when I thought we accomplished quite a bit, he tells me we aren't done yet.

Spin bike was the last thing he wanted me to learn before I left.

Holy cow that seat is tiny! We moved them to the studio room, and Shawn showed me the basics. Then, we jumped right in. That was scary, fun, sweaty and really hard to do after everything else I had already done, but I finished really strong and will attempt a class in the near future!!!

I thought for sure I would really bogger up my eating habits with Valentine's Day. However, I stuck to my portions, fruits and veggies, healthy proteins and salads.

After reading the 290 calories and serving size of two on the tiny brownie bite treats at work Friday, I decided to try one.

I ate the little chocolate heart and smeared the pink frosting on a napkin ( to save a few calories) and tried to enjoy that little bite of heaven.

Turned out to not taste that great. Since I have been eating well, I haven't really craved a lot of sugary things. And when I do indulge a little bit, they are not very satisfying. This is a great thing!!!

I am very happy for this opportunity and hope the rest of the contestants are doing well! WE CAN DO THIS!!!



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