Gardin needs to eat more protein

FIT Staff
Mar 12, 2014

This past week has been pretty good.

I was able to get to the gym five days and worked out with my trainer Shawn Zahel of NOMSĀ almost all of them!

I hope to take not one, but two different classes this week to up my intensity even more.

I am still having a tough time with my right knee, but trying to work through it.

On Thursday, I had an awful migraine and was in bed just after 6 p.m.. Even though I missed the gym that day, I made up for it Friday and Saturday. My husband has joined the gym to support my efforts as well.

After a short review of my diet and blood work I had done at my last doctor's appointment, I need to consume more protein and I must up my dose of my medication for lupus.

The proteins will hopefully be an easy thing to do. We discussed egg whites or hard boiled eggs for breakfast, tuna and some peanut butter.

I may need to learn to eat a protein bar, too. Not a fan of those bars. They do not usually taste great and are not very filling.

Taking my meds at dinner, will not be easy. The morning dose doesn't bother me, but when I take it in the evening with or without food, it makes horrible heart burn. Remembering to take, it is a task in itself.

I am very excited to see more great results from my fellow contestants. Work hard but remember you are human. If you make a BAD food choice, work a little harder in the gym. Don't be discouraged over the small things.

We have all started out very well. I may not have lost as much pound wise, but the strength, muscle, stamina, and energy I have is amazing!!!

I am thankful for this opportunity and will continue to strive to do my best for me. Hopefully, the weather will warm up and going outside will inspire us all.