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Gardin's husband joins NOMS to support her

FIT Staff
Apr 2, 2014

Wow! Another week has flown by!

I made it to the gym five days this past week.

I forgot to mention my husband has joined me at NOMSĀ Fitness Center. He joined about three weeks ago and we both try to go together when we can.

On March 23, he wanted to try and see about the TRX bands.

Shawn Zahel, my trainer, set us up and we got started.

My husband was not so sure about how effective they were until we were done. When he got in the car to leave that day, he looked at me and said, "Wow, that worked muscles in a completely different way than the regular machines!" Then he was sore for two more days.

I did cardio most of the rest of the week. But on Thursday night, I took another turn at spin.

I am happy to say, I did a lot better at keeping up. I increased the resistance more and didn't stop.

I made my husband try spin, too! That was interesting. He has really long legs and kept bumping his knees on the handles.

Although it wasn't his favorite, I am very happy he is supporting me in this journey. He is definitely in better shape than me, but he keeps me motivated and makes me get up early on the weekend to go to the gym after he worked 12 hours! I can do it!!!

Food has been about the same. I did go out with co-workers on Thursday after spin for wings.

My friend Aaron is leaving for sunny California and we went for out for a going-away gathering.

I reallllllllllly wanted to eat some boneless garlic Parmesan chicken wings until another co-worker pulled up on his smartphone. The calorie count for four wings was 480! Holy cow! Sadly, I did not eat them.

I did eat a chicken wrap with lettuce and it had tomatoes hiding in it.

For anyone who knows me, I DO NOT like raw tomatoes!!! They are slimy and they are gross. I don't like the taste or texture! I do not mind them cooked, but raw is awful!!!

Because they were cut up very small, I ended up eating them. I also chose tortilla chips and salsa instead of fries!!! I drank three glasses of water and a foo-foo apple flavored beer. It was probably still more calories than I should have eaten, but I consciously made it a point to not blow it completely!!!

I want to wish my competition the best and to keep up the hard work!! Stay strong and pick yourself up if you fall and get back on track!!!!