Gardin survives boot camp at Keegan Sports Training Academy

FIT Staff
Apr 30, 2014

Busy week and mostly back to normal!

I am happy to be back at NOMSĀ Fitness Center regularly and, more importantly, able to breathe correctly.

I did very well at Easter. I ate meat and lots of veggies. I even enjoyed a quarter of a baked sweet potato with nothing on it.

I surprised myself and avoided the candy. My only splurge was a tiny squared Baby Ruth and three small Gobstoppers.

I did want a Reese's egg, but after reading the calories, I am ashamed I used to be able to eat so many.

I miss it a little bit, but I am soooooooo much happier not eating that stuff.

I went to my nephew's 1st birthday party this past weekend and my sister was nice and had grilled chicken and salad that I really enjoyed.

I avoided the pizza, pasta, soda and even the cute homemade monster cupcakes.

I received quite a few compliments as well. It still feels weird being watched, but they are family and friends who love and support me. I am very grateful for that.

I have come to realize in this challenge that I am stronger than I thought I was.

Before I started, I would not eat breakfast. I would eat a very large unhealthy lunch, a large unhealthy dinner and sometimes many extra servings. Then, I would be starving again before bed and eat almost a whole another meal.

I grew up where I was not allowed to leave the dinner table until all the food given to me was gone. Whether I liked the food or not, portion size was almost always big and I could be grounded if I did not listen and eat.

I have struggled with this mentality my whole life. The guilt of wasting anything I could not finish has ruled me for way too long.

Although I vowed to never do the same to my kids, breaking this awful cycle has been hard, heartbreaking, tearful and completely worth it.

I now eat breakfast every day, not a large one, but something healthy to get me going.

I usually eat a snack of yogurt or fruit about two to three hours later.

I portion control my lunch, usually leftovers so I do not have to buy junk food.

I eat another healthy snack about two hours later. Then, I finish with a healthier dinner with no extra servings and much smaller portions.

I really try not to eat past dinner. On the rare occasions, I try to eat peanuts, fruit or something else light and healthy.

I also try to not take more than I think I can eat. I still struggle with wasting, but it is getting easier to say no and push it away. I hope one day the guilt will completely disappear.

I was invited to a fitness boot camp this weekend at Keegan Sports Training Academy. Wow that was intense!

I was really nervous walking in not knowing anyone, except my husband who came to support me.

The trainer, Tony Johnson, was very nice and welcomed me warmly.

The ladies there were also very helpful and encouraging.

This workout was different from what I am used to. I was the new girl who did not know what I was getting into.

Tony is tough, but it felt good to do it. We used these colored resistance bands on our ankles for one thing, then around our knees to walk sideways down the indoor field and back, and then with our hands to work arm muscles while going back and forth on the field.

I didn't think I was doing so good, but they all helped me out.

We had to do lunges at one point after I already felt way too tired and my knee hurt. Tony showed me how I could modify them and still participate. Thank you for allowing me to come and try it out.

I went back to NOMSĀ on Sunday to work out with my trainer Shawn Zahel.

I was very sore from Saturday's boot camp. My legs felt like jelly before I even entered the gym.

Shawn helped me work through the pain and stretch the muscles carefully.

Thank you for understanding my pains and helping get back on track.

I am happy to be doing the FIT Challenge and changing my life for the BETTER!

Thank you to my supporters. You encourage me every day to stay strong and believe in myself!