What prose! Gardin writes a FIT Challenge 5K poem

FIT Staff
May 28, 2014

'Twas the night before FIT 5K, all settled in bed
No sleep for me, for my much nervous head

My trainer's Shawn Zahel from NOMS Fitness Center
He has me work out five days a week or better

TRX bands, elliptical, spin, treadmill, and more
Burpees, planks and some stuff on the floor

To lose the weight and be healthy once more
My arms, back, and legs are often soooooo sore

My fellow FIT Challengers once a month we do meet
Sharing our stories and our goals to beat

With work, our families and personal burdens to bare
All the sickness and injury, we have had our share

Walk, jog or run, to the finish line we must
No excuses at all, get there or bust!!!

Stopping for challenges and water to drink
Has my head spinning trying to think

With the loving support from our family and friends
Cheering us on til we until we reach the end

Oh 5K, oh 5K you are stressing me, why?
I have more confidence and I'm ready to fly

I have trained very hard, on lots of new things
It's worth every pain and makes my heart sing

I will finish this race, even though it scares me
We CAN and WILL do this, be healthier you'll see!!!!!

Now that I have my weekly blog complete
Off to bed my, tomorrow I compete!!!!