Gardin plans for healthy eating during vacation

FIT Staff
Jul 9, 2014

It's July already! When did this happen? I am sad that the FIT Challenge is almost over :(

However, I am happy with my progress so far.

I have been blessed with having NOMS Fitness Center for my gym and most of all, Shawn Zahel, as my trainer. He knows when I need an extra push or when to let me go it alone.

This past week was crazy as usual.

I made it to the gym at the beginning of the week very strong.

I knew I would miss it on Friday because of the holiday. The gym was only open a few hour, but I had to work at the time.

I managed to get a TRX session in and pulled a weird muscle in my left leg.

It hurt horribly initially, but after continuing movements, it disappeared completely.

Knock on wood, I have had zero right knee pain.

I am hoping that with more weight loss and being healthier, it will not return until I am good and old!!!!!

Thank you to all who came out for Perkins Band Ice Cream Social on Thursday! We had a great time and even sold out of pie and ice cream.

I am delighted to tell everyone that I did not eat any pie or ice cream!!!! I had a tiny brownie at the end, but that was all. I did make it to the gym before the event as well!

I have two upcoming vacations. I have plans to stay on track.

While camping, I will be walking a lot, swimming, row boating, and, hopefully biking.

I also have apples, carrots, cucumbers and other healthy snacks.

We are also taking our grill for fresh grilled veggies. My cruise ship has a gym an I hope I can find it and be able to use that as well.

Although this FIT Challenge is almost finished, my work will continue.

I am thankful for NOMS giving me the best birthday presented ever!!!

I hope to make them proud and even more so, be the the best I can be.

My fellow challengers are amazing and I am happy to say, I would love to stay in touch, work out together and definitely do a follow up in January to see if we were able to maintain and keep up this great work we started!!! We CAN DO IT!!!!!!!