White runs 5K with her trainer by her side

Nov 30, 2012

I had a good week. I worked a lot of hours, too. Thanksgiving was here so fast and left just as fast. I got my 13-page paper done that I never thought I would get done. That's no fun at all.

I thought my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance had forgot about the 5K, but he didn't. I get into the gym, and he had the registration papers ready.

Then, I had a plan of forgetting to set my alarm clock, but I woke up on time. We got there, and fellow FIT Challenger Meg Chrislip was there and ready.

I was so scared of what was a head of me. I started pretty good, then my legs started hurting, then my chest. My feet didn't hurt until the day after. Trevor stayed with me the whole way and never gave up on me. Thanks a lot.

At one point the trees were looking nice. My body was ready to give out, but I finally made it to the end, and Meg was there cheering me on. That helped me finish. I made it in 50 minutes.

Afterwards they passed out rewards; me and Meg had beat the people that were in the 70-year-old category. Lol. My body had stiffened up by the end of the night. My legs hurt so badly.

For Thanksgiving, I enjoyed spending time with my family. Thinking about old times are the best. My grandpa is so funny when he's ready to go home. On Black Friday, I went out in the madness with my aunt to shop; it was crazy out. What people will do for deals.

Have a great week.