White graduates from college

Dec 21, 2012

I had a long week this past week. I had finals and graduation, in addition to trying to balance work.

I was not able to get to the gym this past week because I had so much I had to do. I really wanted to study so that I would make sure that I got really good grades on my finals.

My brain was going nuts trying to remember so much information at one time. I am so happy that it is all over with, but now I have to find things to do with my spare time. I have a lot of it.

I'll be back at the gym this week, making sure I stay on track with my weight loss. This past week was bad with eating because I was trying to eat things that would keep me up to study, and I wasn't cooking i was just eating anything that was there.

Graduation was Dec. 14 in Bowling Green, and it was different. It was a large class that graduated on Friday. I enjoyed myself a lot and now it is time to find a better job that is paying a lot better. Have a great week!


My thoughts

Congratulations on your graduation.