White gets sick, misses workouts

Oct 19, 2012

This past week was not great for me. I have been sick since Oct. 8. It seemed like it just hit me overnight. I just thought it was a sore throat, but it was not the case.

My nose is stuffed. I can't stop coughing and my taste buds are gone. I wish they would return; that would be nice. I was only in the gym once this past week. I didn't want anyone to have my germs and I didn't want someone using the machine after I sneezed all over it.

I tried to go to class and it was the worst thing I did. I just felt like crap. I didn't want to do nothing. People were looking at me crazy and saying, "Why are you here?" I had to try. I had a test this past week that I was unable to take because I was unable to study. Luckily, I was able to push it back to this week. That helped a lot.

I'm still sick and I'm very congested, so hopefully everything will be great. On top of that I had an mickey mouse in my house and I didn't understand how it got on the second floor. I was scared. I had my dog come over so I wouldn't be so scared and I said, "Gracie, come in the kitchen with me."  She went and sat on the bed like it was nothing. I was so mad.

So after this bad week, let's start off on a better week for myself. Have a great week!