Collins wants to enjoy the holidays without tsunami of calories

Oct 31, 2012

Well, I’ve done it! I have finally been able to jog a complete mile – without stopping. Took me little over 13 minutes, but I did it! I’m mighty proud. Thank you C25K program thing!
I’ve jumped a huge hurdle this past week, too! I went to a Halloween party; there was food everywhere and four cauldrons full of candy. I ate just about nothing, and am proud as a peacock to say the only times I touched the candy was when people gave me their bags and I poured them into the cauldrons. My taste buds were highly pissed, but having the self-control to say no and actually mean it was worth it.
The weather is getting colder; I’m not a fan. I’ll spare you all the whining and crying over the coming snow, because I live in OHIO and crying about snow would be like living in Arizona and complaining it’s too hot all the time. I mean, really?  With the cold air comes back pain for me, My personal trainer Patrick Carmean of NOMS says it’s all in my head. I wish I could agree with him, but this past winter just stepping out onto the porch and having that cold air hit me would cause a wave of ache to wash up my spine.  I’m hoping this winter, since I’ve been working out, losing weight, and getting healthy, my pain won’t be so bad this season. Fingers crossed!
Thanksgiving is coming. As is Christmas, and New Year’s Day. All days of giant feasts. Big challenges are coming. Sitting around the table drinking and eating with family and friends until I’m comatose is no longer an option. The three best naps of the year aren’t going to happen this year. I’m slightly disappointed, but I know that salty foods and overstuffed stomachs are not a good reason for nap.
I’ve spent many a hour on Pinterest, with intentions of finding healthier alternatives to my favorite holiday foods, Not going to lie about it, though, anyone who has set a pointer on Pinterest knows that you start in with one plan and suddenly you’re seeing all sorts of neat ideas about different things and three hours later you’re six miles off topic and late for work. But I’m working on it.
I’d like to be able to enjoy the holidays without the tsunami of calories and carbs taking me over and completely destroying all my progress. My family is going to hate me, but I promise them there will be no tofu. I have tried some of the health foods and the supposed-to-be-good for-you-cardboard-crap. I’m not a fan. No, I’m a real food meat and potatoes kind of girl, and always will be. Fingers crossed on a nonviolent holiday season and that my little brother doesn’t stab me with a fork when my little brother realizes it’s zucchini, not apple, in my from-scratch apple pie.