Collins is so proud she could spit

Nov 7, 2012

Past week has been pretty good. We got a new machine at the gym. It’s called a Helix. I tried explaining it to someone in the locker room, and that person gave me that “she's a crazy lady” expression.
So, I’m going to spare you the details and put it in a nutshell without the visual of me trying to show the lady how to use the thing while standing on a bench in the locker room. Here goes: It’s like outward running. You don't go forward, you go out. Like, side to side. Get it? No? Meh, just come in and get on the thing. Once we’re done laughing at your caveman expressions trying to understand it, we’ll help ya out.
Still attempting to jog more, and I still do a lot of spin. We've had this program going on at the gym, bringing in all sorts of new members. They all sit right by the E-spin bikes waiting their turn to tour the gym and learn about the prices and programs. While they are just hanging out, they usually end up watching me do a 45-minute computerized spin class. By the time I’m done I’m dripping in sweat and feeling like poo, but the comments from some of them are pretty encouraging.
An older lady asked me how far I'd gone, so I told her, and her jaw dropped and she said, “How?” I just laughed and shrugged. I have to give another huge thank you to the people in the gym, too. I've met a good number of the people on my “shift” in the past few months and you’re smiles and small conversations always lift my spirits.
There are days when I had a crappy night sleep, my day at work dragged on forever, and all I want to do is lay on my living room floor and whine for a few hours to my cats. Knowing that when I get to the gym, you will laugh at me because I got hit by a cart, or I couldn't sleep because my cat wouldn't stop messing with a plastic bag, but I was too lazy to get up and take it away, makes it a little better.
I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but when an older person laughs at you because you tripped over air, or you walked into a pull door you thought was automatic, or shutting your gym bag in the car door and almost yanking yourself to the ground, it makes me laugh, too.
I bought myself a heated blanket the other day, best investment I’ve ever made. I sleep so cozy warm now in my super old drafty house. Now, I need new motivation to get out of bed in the morning. I know the Arctic air lies right outside my burrito-wrapped body and that makes it hard to get up and get dressed at 5 a.m. I believe Minion and Specter, my cats, are just in love as I am with the thing. Zebra stripped heated blanket = my new best friend!
Resisting temptation is a lot easier now. I won't lie, I still eat things that are not exactly on my top 10 most healthy foods list. But I’m a firm believer that everything in moderation is OK.
Changing my entire lifestyle completely was hard enough, shucks, it still is hard sometimes, but I’m not going to deny myself every single thing that I’ve ever enjoyed. As long as I’m under my carb count, and my calorie count, and I hit the gym, I allow myself a present here and there. I will say that Halloween is over and I made it through with no candy, and there is no candy in my house. So proud I could spit.
Hope everyone had a good Halloween, and that you all resist temptation as the pumpkin pies/rolls/breads land on your tables in the next few weeks!