Black Friday messes with Collins' workout schedule

Nov 28, 2012

Man, oh man, turkey day.

I was semi glad to have Target open on Thanksgiving night; it meant there was no time to make a huge meal and have family down to stuff my face and go into turkey coma.

Then again I was uber sad because it was Thanksgiving and it's family time and I would've gotten to make a meal for everyone and it feels good to see my family enjoy something I've worked so hard on.

My buddy Jen saved the day though, and invited me to a makeshift turkey dinner. We consciously chowed down and played Big Bang Theory trivia until it was time for work.  We had a good time and having those leftovers, instead of crappy meatballs and pork sandwiches supplied by work, was amazing.

I haven't been able to get to the gym since the day before Thanksgiving and I'm not happy about it. Slept all day turkey day, worked all night. Slept the remainder of the day Black Friday and was up all night. Then slept all day Saturday and was up all night and here we are on Sunday.

I'm still in bed, and barely staying awake. I'm force-writing this blog and apologize for typos and random things that don't make sense. I'm kind of upset that I was unable to participate in the Turkey Trot with my fellow competitors. I'm proud of their success in completing the "trot" and envy them completely. It's getting too cold to be running outside so I'm going to stick to my treadmill and as soon as spring starts showing its colors, I'll get my fanny registered for a 5K of some sort.

I cannot wait until I can get my sleep under control again. I'm for sure not a fan of this. I'm tired, and have a laundry list of things to accomplish before work. Suppose I'll force myself to wake up and get going on laundry. Ugh.