Collins: 'Temptation is every where'

Dec 19, 2012

Another week has passed. And were even closer to the end of the challenge.  

I'm still working out as much as I can, though with holiday season in full swing, it often gets difficult to focus on one thing at a time. Like proper eating. I'm not saying that I've been marfing on brownies and Doritos, but I have been having a more difficult time staying on schedule and I feel it. Five hours pass and I had been constantly running around and I get dizzy. Must find food. I try to carry small snacks around with me, but being one of "those" girls that doesn't carry a purse makes that more complicated. I'm doing the best I can though, and am sure when the holidays pass and the new year has started I will get back into the rhythm.

Keisa White  graduated college this past week! I'm so happy for her. She's one of then strongest women I know. She's managed to keep her GPA up while maintaining at least two jobs and having success in our challenge here. She's an inspiration for sure. Congrats girl!

Little nervous about the challenge. OK, a lot nervous for this challenge. The two times I was in the pool, my back knotted up after just a few laps. The therapy pool at NOMS is nowhere near the size of the pool at the "Y". So my few laps was probably equivalent to one over there. For the challenge I have to complete six. I'm nervous. Not going to let myself get hurt again,;will stop when I need to. But I'm not a fan of not being able to finish. Fingers crossed for me guys!  

Even more nervous because I decided to let Friday be my day of rest this week, as I've done many times before, and head into the gym Saturday and Sunday morning. But, I found out Friday night that a close family friend had passed away and drove to Michigan as soon as I could. I'm in Michigan now, I'll be home late tonight and won't be back in the gym until tomorrow afternoon. That means I've missed three days in a row, right before a competition. This is not a good thing.

As it is the holiday season, temptation is everywhere. It's a never ending struggle. I fight myself every day. In the break room at work there are six bowls filled to the brim with candy. Really guys? Really? I'm doing OK, though, I keep my phone handy and I am always Googling the nutrition information on fun-size candy bars to keep my little fingers out of the bowl.

Till next week gang.