Collins' cheeks are finally comfortable

Oct 10, 2012

I have to start this off by sending out a huge congratulations to the smooth running of the Northcoast band competition hosted by Perkins marching band Oct. 6. It was organized and from everything I saw, no real problems occurred. An even bigger congratulations to the band for qualifying for states! So proud to be a part of such a dedicated group. I'll sell 50/50 tickets for you guys in the icy air anytime.

Now, onto me. :)

This past week my NOMS personal trainer Patrick Carmean handed me a weight and had me stepping back and forth over a bar. After a few seconds it clicked that the 25-poundweight I was holding in my hand was the equivalent of the weight I'd lost so far. It seemed a lot heavier hugging it to my chest. It's hard to believe now that I was that big.

We had our interviews and pictures taken Oct. 6 at the Register. It's good to hear about all the progress the others have made. I'm not concerned about winning. Its not about winning. Right now, as I stand 25 pounds less than I was in July, I've already won and continue winning. So, first or third...who cares? Besides Patrick and his uber-competitive self. Haha.

Update on my fanny: my cheeks and I are proud to announce that after some Googling (yes Google has ALL the answers), I discovered that tush discomfort is normal in the first few attempts on the spin bike, but after the first few times your booty should toughen up and learn to deal and if it didn't, adjust the seat. So, this morning, I went into the gym and changed my seat from 3 to 2.5 and guess what, I'm sitting right now and my bum is happy. No bruising or screaming throbbing aches. All is well in my southern regions. :)

I'm in fairly good spirits for it being so cold outside. As I've lost the weight, I find I'm cold, all the time. People tell me its because my fat blanket is going away and now my body has to readjust to the temps. I am not cool with this. I'm not a fan of being cold. So, I'm buying more blankets and sewing them together. It's like weight lifting and snuggling with yourself at the same time. Winter and I are not going to be friends this season.

My clothes are irritating me. I've had the same belt for round bouts 5 years. I started out in the second of five holes. Start of July I was in the third hole. Now, I've added a new hole every few weeks. You'd think by now, I'd keep my nail and hammer in an easy to remember place, but no every time I use it, I lose it before I need it again. Not cool.

Was told about a recipe the other day that uses zucchini to make a pie that supposedly tastes just like apple pie, only it healthier and more carb/calorie friendly for us tubby folks. I'm going to try it. And if its worth its spit, I'll share the recipe.