Collins bakes cookies AND doesn't even sample the dough

Oct 17, 2012

The tree outside my window is now red, the sky is gray and the rain is drizzling down. I love the fall. Makes a girl want hot chocolate, chick flicks and big blanket.

Can also be bad though, because I LOVE to bake, and this is the beginning of baking weather. Halloween treats, to Thanksgiving goodies and then my favorite, Christmas cookies!

Right around last Thanksgiving, I bought myself a Kitchen-aid stand mixer. She's a beauty I tell ya, but my relationship with her was short-lived because once July came, she was pushed against the wall and ignored. Saturday, I decided it was time to bring her out and test my self control. I plugged in a movie and cranked up the volume, and spent the day in my kitchen baking sugar cookie cutouts in Halloween shapes. Then, I frosted them with homemade frosting.

I told myself before I even pulled out ingredients that I was not to eat any piece of dough, and any broken cookies will not be "freebies", and if I behaved, I would allow myself 1 cookie. That would cure my baking fix, and my sweet tooth. The rest of the cookies are headed off to the breakroom at work with the roomie, I don't want to see/smell/or even know people ate the. Just wanted them gone. After I cleaned up the mess and got everything packed away, I gave myself a pat on the back for being able to follow the rules I had given myself and went to get my cookie. I chose a skull and crossbone cookie that I had decorated with an eye patch and a bandana, and took a bite. It was soft, warm, sugary and sweet. Too sweet. I've not really eaten sweets like that for months and months, and my cookie ... I couldn't even finish it.

In the gym this past week, I've gotten further with my jogging. I shock myself all the time when I start going and decide to see how far I can go before I absolutely have to stop or risk puking on the treadmill. I'm at like three-quarter of a mile before I have to stop. I'm not sure the exact number. Usually when I stop I'm so excited and exhausted that I ride the belt to the end, jump off, sit down and pant for a few minutes trying to catch my breath. By the time i'm up again, the treadmill program has usually reset itself.  

I was out at the Huron boat basin the other night, it was chilly! On my way back to my car, I figured if I moved faster, I'd be warmer. So, I stepped into a slow jog, and I was impressed that I was doing it! The person I was with though, did nothing but make fun of my pace ... could not keep up! Ha! People who stab at others to make themselves feel better, are dumb, just saying. Anywho, stopped jogging and continued walking but I'm still happy that I was outside in the cold and able to jog a bit. On another note, I HATE spin, but I LOVE the results. I'm sure you all are tired of hearing about my butt, so I won't go into a rant on it, but know that we are both happy with our new seating arrangements and all is well.

Been meeting people in the gym lately, it's kind of nice. The gym runs like a job I've noticed. It's always the same crowd at 3 p.m. and going in earlier or later, there are a bunch of different people. So, I'm always working out with the same people it seems and their comments always make me chuckle. One of my favorites was an older guy walking by me as I was attempting one of my first runs on the treadmill; he was wearing headphones and was talking way louder than needed. He said I looked good when I run and didn't understand how I did it. He congratulated me and walked away.  Everyone was staring at me; we all laughed about it.

Sometimes their comments are motivating. I was 37 minutes into my second attempt at taking full spin class on the espin bike by the front desk. When I had just hopped on a lady had walked by and smiled. She walked back by on her way out and saw me heaving along trying to get the burning sweat out of my eye. She looked at me and commented on how she couldn't believe I was still up there pedaling along. That I was a lot stronger than she'd ever be. Love it. My absolute favorite people though, are the front desk crew for the therapy center across the hall. Everytime I walk in I get a warm welcome and comments like, "Here's our girl!" "She's back again!"  "Look at her go!" Even when I have to force myself out of my car and through those doors, it's them that always give me the boost of energy to get in that gym and sweat it out. I owe them a lot of credit for keeping me going.