Collins vows to become plank master

Oct 24, 2012

This past week, I’ve been sick. It all started Monday night, after the challenge. We were out at Anytime Fitness in Norwalk, and the challenge was survivor style planking. Last one to drop, won.

I was pretty excited because I have become plank master! I got into position and started it out, then I felt that familiar twinge. I lost the lower back support, I couldn’t hold my back straight. I held myself up anyway and fought through trying to convince myself that it was in my head and that if I could hold up for a few more seconds I could at least hit second place.

But, no, it hurt too much and I had to let it go. I came in third. So over this whole back injury holding me back. I went out and bought a stopwatch to prove to myself that I’m not being a sore loser, and have been timing my planks here at the house. When I see the time results of our challenge, I’ll know for sure if I would’ve won had it not of been for my silly back.
Anywho, that night I ended up with a scratchy throat. Woke up Tuesday feeling like crap, by the time I was home for work it felt like my head was being beaten with a hammer. Still made it to the gym but couldn’t do cardio, couldn’t breathe. Wednesday I didn’t go to work, or even get out of bed. Thursday, stayed home again but was determined to get to the gym, so I went and lifted for a bit and then went back to bed. Friday, I was feeling better and by the time I got to the gym I was ready for a good workout.

I went to scan my little key card ma jig only to find, it wasn’t there. I spent the rest of the night retracing my steps trying to find the missing half of me key ring. Never found it. At least my gym tab can be replaced with no worries.
Discovered Mucinex this week. It’s like a miracle in pill form! I recommend that stuff to everyone.
This week I get to get back into the gym and hit it hard. Have to make up for lost time. Do me some cardio, need to get back up on that spin bike, and work on my running. They have a competition going on at the gym, I read it on the bulletin board. Timing a walk/run and a bike ride. It ends when October ends, so I’m hoping to at least get two attempts at it, and have my second attempt be much, much better than my first.
Found the picture I sent in with my essay to become part of FIT and then took a picture of what I look like today. The difference was night and day. Of course, they ended up on Facebook and all of the comments, and the things I saw too were great motivation. Made me feel really good. It’s renewed my determination to keep working hard at this challenge. I’m excited to see what the pictures will look like in December.