Chrislip looks forward to vacation, maintaining her new healthy lifestyle

Nov 6, 2012

Wow, it’s November, I can’t believe it. I see sandy beaches and volcanos in my future. We’ve been planning this December trip for a year and now and it’s finally becoming a reality.

Watching the sunset on the clouds from the summit, check

Pearl Harbor, check

Sunrise on Maui, check

Surfing lessons, double check.

Have I bought new clothes yet? No. I’m waiting till the last minute as I’m not sure what size I will be. So what’s my goal for November? To drop one more size before we leave and participate in my first 5k. Yes FIT Challenger Keisa White, I accept your challenge to participate in the Turkey Trot 5K. Please let me know the details of which one you are participating in.

Halloween was postponed from Wednesday to Saturday. Oh no! I had 6 pounds of candy ready to go on Wednesday; it wasn’t a temptation as long as it was still in the bag. When it was in the bowl, it kept yelling at me, “Get over here and eat me!”

For the most part, I was good. If I couldn’t resist, I would take a bubble gum, BUT somehow a few Whoppers snuck their way into my mouth. Good thing they were in small packages! Note for next year: Trick-or-treaters are not a fan of Whoppers, so don’t get any because you are.

I have started to look beyond the fitness challenge and how am I going to keep up a healthy routine come January with no trainer to push me. I’ve decided I need to find workout classes I enjoy in the morning, as that is the best time for me, and they need to be in Norwalk.

My membership came due at the Norwalk Rec Center and I signed up for another year, but this time got a family membership, so yes my husband Bruce you will be included in phase 2 of this journey!

I stayed with the Rec because it has a full workout center, track, gym, pool and classes. I’ve attended a few Saturday classes and have enjoyed them. The Rec offers water aerobics, which for me is a low- impact way to work out for those days my joints are screaming at me from pounding on them. You have to find out what works for you and mix it up. I need to be pushed and I need direction to make sure I am hitting several different areas. That’s where the classes will come in.

Good luck to all who are making a change for the better, whatever that might be. Never give up!