Chrislip adds water weights to increase arm strength

Nov 13, 2012

With the Halloween candy temptation done, I’m back to losing weight again!

Yay! For a while (like most of this past month), I didn’t gain any weight, but I didn’t lose any either. Then these past couple of weeks it finally started to come off again, whew.

Thanks to all my supporters who kept telling me muscle is heavier than fat and to keep going; they can see the difference.

It was an extremely frustrating month as far as results go. Good news, though, I have moved that second number down (happy dance, woot, woot).

Things I have achieved this past week. My personal best walk/jog 3 miles in 45 minutes then 2 miles in 28 minutes. I’m getting ready for my first 5K Thanksgiving Day.

This is my first idea of how I am going to change the way I celebrate the holidays. The second is we are going out for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I usually have a houseful of people and all the leftovers. This year no leftovers to temp me into that pumpkin pie coma!

My personal trainer at the YMCA, Joyce Niedzwiecki, has changed up my swimming routine. The focus was on intensity, not distance. She also added swimming with water weights to increase arm strength.

I’m starting the countdown to the day when all this work is going to pay off and I’ll be surfing like an island girl or more likely a drunken tourist. Hehe. Aloha!