Chrislip wants to inspire at least one person to get off the couch

Nov 27, 2012

Well my friends I participated in my first 5K and finished!!

I’d like to thank Diane Swartz for encouraging me to move faster and keep going. This was her first 5K and only the beginning of firsts we have shared and will continue to share together.  

Thanks should also go to Keisa White, fellow FIT Challenge contestant, who asked me to join her in her first 5K. I don’t think I would have taken this on without your prodding. I figured if you could do it, I could, too.

I am truly thankful for being chosen as a participant in the FIT Challenge as it has changed my life. I’ve gotten to know my personal trainer Joyce Niedzwiecki and even spent part of Thanksgiving with her.

She is constantly moving me forward on my quest to be healthy and achieve my goals. She reminds me often that I am heading in the right direction, even when I stumble or hit a road block, and she continues to make me smile along the way. Thanks Joyce for being you and signing up for the challenge along with me.

I’d also like to thank my family and friends who have been supporting me. From my husband Bruce, who is tolerating all the healthy dishes and not complaining, to my dad, who shares the newspaper articles with everyone who enters the house, to the countless co-workers, friends, customers and FIT followers who offer words of encouragement, Facebook posts, emails, text messages, etc. I have heard them all and they do make a difference.

To those of you who said I admire you because I could never be in the paper and so public about my weight, I say that is exactly why I have been so successful.  I often say we are all in this together; everyone is trying to be the best that they can be.

This blog helps me to take a weekly look at where I am and where I’m going. Would it be easy for me to just sit on the couch and watch TV again? You betcha, but I know there are people out there watching my progress and if I inspire just one person to get off that couch and take that first step, run or walk that first 5K, how can I not keep going?

I hope you all have found numerous things to be thankful for this week and were able to take some time to create new memories friends and family.