FIT CHALLENGE: Chrislip hits a speed bump

Sep 25, 2012

My YMCA trainer Joyce Niedzwiecki went home this past week to visit her family.

We were able to meet Sept. 17 before she left and the rest of the week I was on my own. I dusted off some exercise videos I had in the basement and went to water aerobics. Yes, Joyce I lifted weights while you were gone!

I was doing well until Friday came and I went to the Apple Festival for lunch. I couldn’t pass up the kettle corn and brought a bag home. It’s now Sunday and there is no kettle corn left. I did have some help, but for the most part, you guessed it, I ate the whole bag. I broke my rule of never sitting in front of the TV with a whole bag of anything. I usually measure out a portion for just this reason!

To add to the kettle corn extravaganza, I didn’t exercise on Friday or Saturday. I just needed a day off on Saturday to recharge. It’s been a long time since I had a day with no plans or places I had to be. I forgot how nice it is to stay in your jammies till noon and ease into the day, read a book. I didn’t care that it rained; I just enjoyed the sound of the raindrops hitting the metal roof and snuggled in with Bruce.

Sunday I started over, back to my exercise and food measuring routine. I have NOT given up, just a little speed bump in my journey. I will pick myself up from my skinny girl bootstraps and RUN.

- Meg Chrislip