Chrislip: 'Dreams do come true'

Dec 18, 2012

Well it’s late Sunday night and I am just settling back into Ohio from the trip of a lifetime. Hawaii was everything I imagined and more.

Every time I thought this is my favorite thing there was another adventure waiting around the corner. I am so blessed that my husband Bruce and friend Diane Swartz were able to share this journey with me.
I don’t think I would have been confident enough to do half of the activities we did without being part of the FIT Challenge.

My personal trainer from the YMCA, Joyce Niedzwiecki, never once waivered when I said my goal was to go surfing for my 50th birthday, AND I can tell you now surfing is not for wimps!

Diane was at my side ready to go. We were in it together and she was not going to let me go out there alone. Thanks Diane! You ROCK.

Diane found out what a surf board can do when it comes back and nails you right between the eyes. Still she was not going to let a little surfing mishap get in the way of the rest of the vacation BIG sunglasses were the fashion statement for the rest of the vacation for Diane. I love you my friend and what stories we will share. Remember that one time when we tried surfing …

So many firsts; scuba in Maui (you are on a 15-foot-line to an air tank floating above). This was scary at first, but I must say once the fear subsided it made snorkeling a whole lot easier because it taught you the correct way to breath.

Next the “Road to Hana,” which is a narrow, twisting, sometimes one-lane road (forget about a shoulder) with an estimated 600 turns and 54 mostly one-lane bridges. Although we had to turn back before the end, we made it approximately ¾ of the way. Gorgeous vistas, a rain forest, black sand beach …  it was truly about the journey.

Next on to Oahu; surfing and sunsets at Waikiki beach, an outing to Pearl Harbor so moving, and a trip to the North Shore to see how the REAL surfers hit the waves.

Island 3 the “Big Island” Hawaii; Sunset and stargazing on the summit of Mauna Kea was AWESOME; this is truly God’s country. The sun sets on the clouds at 14,000 feet no alcohol needed at this elevation to get a little lightheaded then back down to the visitors’ center for stargazing like I’ve never experienced.

Did you know that stars really do twinkle? It’s like looking at a diamond in the light lots of different colors too. This is something I will never forget. We watched manta rays swimming in the water right outside our hotel and sampled several varieties of Kona coffee.

The last stop was the island of Kauai “the garden isle.” This is where I spent my birthday on a sunset sail down the Napali Coast. I don’t think I could have had a more perfect place to celebrate; the crew, food, drinks, sunset, scenery and dolphins, showing up almost as if on cue, were all spectacular. Just when I thought we would be winding down the next day we toured the island by helicopter another awe inspiring excursion.
Being off the grid for almost 15 days was fabulous. It  gave me a chance to truly enjoy the island life. All I can say is watch out 60 you have a lot to live up too. Dreams do come true! BELIEVE.

Downside, although I did work out a few days and watched what I ate, enjoying all the fresh fruits (pineapple and papaya along with a few others I don’t remember the names of) and fresh fish of all types, I’m sure I didn’t lose any weight.  I did try Skinnygirl Pina Coladas; I must say I’m not a fan, now Captain Andy’s Sneaky Tiki’s on the other hand were simply fabulous.

Here’s to 2012 ending on a high note. I hope all of you can take some time out to enjoy friends and family and celebrate those special moments wherever you are.


Morgan Addingto...

That is so awesome! I've tried surfing before and was not able to get myself up on the board even a little bit. It's much more difficult than I ever expected. Kudos to you!
P.S. Happy Birthday!