Chrislip: 'We all tried things we had no idea we could do'

Dec 25, 2012

My last blog, really? I can’t believe six months is coming to a close. This challenge has changed my life and the lives of the others who were in it with me. It’s amazing how far we have all come.

My family was amazed at how delicious the healthy version of the first Christmas feast was. Salad with pears, pork tenderloin topper and rosemary roasted sweet potatoes. Thanks to those who have supported me, rooted for me and keep me on track.
The journey was a bumpy one but well worth the ride. I think we all tried things we had no idea we could do --- and did them.  Surfing in Hawaii was the icing on the cake for my 50th.
The only sad note is my YMCA personal trainer Joyce Niedzwiecki has been relocated, and the final FIT Challenge at the Y was the end of our journey. Thank you Joyce I’m sure someone else needs your guidance to help them achieve their dreams; ROCK ON and you better keep in touch.
Fellow contestant Leah Collins, we will keep in touch and make sure that we both stay on track! Keisa White, the smart one, will take the world by storm with her new degree, and Steve Wilson, you challenged us all to do more and made you earn those wins and even gave one up to the girls.
Happy Holidays to everyone and what a gift the next contestants will receive when chosen to be part of the FIT Challenge for 2013.